Tax Law

  • Linda’s Law Blog

    "Questions, answers, comments, information, analysis and perspectives on law, especially family law, divorce, child support, custody, equitable distribution, alimony and taxes by a Pennsylvania and New Jersey lawyer, located in Philadelphia."

  • Los Angeles Estate, Probate And Tax Law Blog

    "Information about estate planning, trust and probate administration, beneficiary and trustee representation, tax law and nonprofit law in California."

  • Massachusetts Estate Planning, Probate & Elder Law

    "Commonsense info for clients and family caregivers and in-depth probate, tax and Medicaid analysis for lawyers."

  • MauledAgain

    "More than occasional commentary on tax law, legal education, the First Amendment, religion, and law generally, with sporadic attempts to connect all of this to genealogy, theology, music, model trains, and chocolate chip cookies."

  • Michigan Asset Protection Lawyer Blog

    Posts are geared toward consumers and examine asset protection opinions, news and legislation in Michigan.

  • New Jersey Estate Planning & Elder Law Blog

    Posts examine life and death in the Garden State from a perspective of estate planning, elder law, taxation, business planning, probate and estate administration.

  • New Jersey Estate Planning | Medina Law Group

    Contains advice on estate planning and management, estate taxes and descriptions of elder law and the VA benefits and Medicaid processes. Written specifically for New Jersey.

  • New York Probate Lawyer Blog

    Discusses trust and estate law, including estate planning. Topics include estate planning for LGBT couples, estate tax laws, disinheriting relatives and leaving gifts for minors.

  • New York Venture Hub

    "The blog is a resource for entrepreneurs, emerging companies, the investors who invest in them and the professionals who serve them."

  • Nonprofit Law Prof Blog

    Litigation involving nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations (such as religious groups), regulations affecting them, and academic papers related to charity governance and philantrhopy law.

  • North Carolina Estate Planning Blog

    A consumer-oriented blog on estate planning, probate, asset protection and tax, with a focus on North Carolina law.

  • Notations on Non-Profits

    "Dedicated to discussing the issues that affect nonprofits without all the legalese."

  • Ohio State Tax Blog

    "Updates and helpful resources pertaining to Ohio state taxes and multistate taxation."

  • Palmetto Public Finance Forum

    "Discusses federal tax law, securities law and state and local law as it relates to public finance."

  • Pennsylvania Fiduciary Litigation

    "Addresses matters relating to estate planning, trust and estate administration, retirement plan distributions, planned giving, federal tax, and closely held businesses."

  • Philadelphia Estate and Tax Attorney Blog

    Written for a consumer audience, blog discusses estate planning, taxes and probate issues.

  • Planning Notes

    Analysis of current topics in estate planning, business, real estate and tax law, specifically in Arizona.

  • PVWLaw Tax & Business Law Blog

    Provides info on tax and business law in Nebraska, including labor & employment issues.

  • Rubin on Tax

    Rubin on Tax says it is "an easy way to keep current on tax and legal issues relating to federal and Florida tax, estate planning, probate and business matters."

  • Steven J. Mopsick

    Posts cover the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and tax issues related to real estate and bank accounts outside of the United States.

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