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D.A. Confidential

Prosecutor Mark Pryor blogs about cases “in the same way I tell my kids,” he writes, “leaving out analysis, legal discussion, names, dates and, well, facts.” Recent posts also include installments from an unpublished true-crime book he researched and wrote and answers to readers' questions about it.

Dallas Business Law Blog

"Providing news and information regarding business law for the state of Texas."

Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Law and order in Texas, including occasional interviews with evidence experts and tirades about the war on drugs.

Dallas Divorce Law Blog

"Explains Texas family law concepts and evaluates related news."

Dallas Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyer Blog

"Analyzes car accident news, cases and reports in Texas."

Dallas Fort Worth Injury Lawyer Blog

Provides insight on personal injury-related cases and opinions.

Dallas Fort Worth Insurance Lawyer Blog

"Provides insight on insurance law reports, news and opinions in Texas."

Dallas Personal Injury Law Blog

"News and information regarding personal injuries in the state of Texas."

Defending People

"The tao of criminal-defense trial lawyering." Posts discuss the criminal justice system and related topics, with a focus on Texas.

DFW Construction Lawyer

This blawg "tries to keep the Dallas-Fort Worth construction community apprised of legal issues that may affect them."

Diamond Law on Bankruptcy and Related Topics

Blog discusses bankruptcy and foreclosure.


"Conversations about dispute resolution."

Divorce and Family Law in Tarrant County, Texas

"Deals with a wide variety of topics in family law and collaborative law."


EDTexweblog.com has news and summaries of rulings, categorized by judge, from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Posts frequently deal with patent cases.

EEO Answers

EEO Answers is a resource for employers’ Equal Employment Opportunity issues. EEO Answers offers information and opinions derived from Bashen’s investigative and compliance experience.

Employer Handbook

"A watchdog for all matters that concern employers in the Lone Star State."

Energy and the Law

"Directed to the energy executive and landman, as well as the in-house attorney, Energy and The Law is a resource for legal developments, commentary and analysis of the law of oil and gas and alternative energy resources."

Energy Legal Blog

"Resource for updates and analysis on national and regional energy issues."

Family Law Advisor Blog

Posts cover all areas of family law and family matters in Texas, from information about cheating spouses to updates regarding divorces.

Farah Legal Blog

Blog related to personal injury, estate planning, civil litigation and fraud issues.

Fort Worth Criminal Defense Law Blog

Posts cover issues in criminal defense in Fort Worth, Texas.

Fort Worth Injury Attorney Blog

Analyzes injury law reports, matters and cases in Texas.

Fort Worth Injury Lawyer Blog

Personal injury news and issues.

Forward Thinking

"Forward Thinking is a law blog focused on providing legal news and analysis of specific interest to small businesses around Texas."

Frisco DWI Lawyer & Attorney Blog

"Perspectives on the law, legislature, trends, and happenings regarding intoxicated-related offenses."

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