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Fort Worth Criminal Defense Law Blog

Posts cover issues in criminal defense in Fort Worth, Texas.

Fort Worth Injury Attorney Blog

Analyzes injury law reports, matters and cases in Texas.

Fort Worth Injury Lawyer Blog

Personal injury news and issues.

Forward Thinking

"Forward Thinking is a law blog focused on providing legal news and analysis of specific interest to small businesses around Texas."

Frisco DWI Lawyer & Attorney Blog

"Perspectives on the law, legislature, trends, and happenings regarding intoxicated-related offenses."

Garlo Ward, P.C.

Discussions of federal and state legal standards and case decisions of interest to health law practitioners, with a special focus on Texas.

Garza Harris Blog


"Focuses on keeping qui tam lawyers and whistle-blowers up to date on changes in the law as it relates to the False Claims Act and other anti-fraud statutes."

Grits for Breakfast

Posts consider how Texas is addressing crime and punishment—its appellate courts, its agencies, its law enforcement, its legislation and its prisons.

Higgins and Associates

Texas bankruptcy news, and other legal news involving Texas and the nation.

Houston Accident and Injury Attorney Blog

"Covering noteworthy material on accident and injury litigation, news and safety."

Houston Criminal Defense Blog

James Alston writes about crime and criminal law related topics.

Houston Criminal Law Blog

Posts include information about criminal cases, changes in policy and advice for potential clients.

Houston Criminal Law Blog

Posts cover topics in criminal defense and criminal law in Texas.

Houston Criminal Law Journal

"Houston criminal law news by Houston criminal defense attorneys."

Houston Legal

"Houston Legal Links" posts bundle legal stories from the Houston Chronicle and other sources; posts by the author round up disciplinary actions against Houston lawyers, news from the Texas State Bar and critique other coverage of legal news.

Houston Personal Injury Blog

"It is our fervent hope this blog will assist individuals who have suffered injuries by providing education, information and answers to questions in their time of need."

Houston Personal Injury Blog

Posts cover personal injury news in Houston; the policies involving workplace and road safety; and advice for potential clients.

Houston Personal Injury Law Blog

"A blog covering all aspects of Texas personal injury law, local Houston and regional personal injury news and a side of legal humor."

Houston Personal Injury Law Blog

"Provides news and comments related to personal injury incidents."

Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

Posts cover Texas DUI topics and note vehicle accidents in Texas.

Houston’s Clear Thinkers

Wide-ranging observations on law, business, medicine, culture, sports, and other matters of general interest to members of the Houston business, professional, and academic communities.

Insurance Dispute Lawyer Blog

Examines insurance dispute news, legislation and opinions throughout Texas and Louisiana.

Just Another Injury Lawyer in Houston, Texas

"A blog about Texas law and Houston news, politics and entertainment."

Khavari & Moghadassi » Blog

Posts cover criminal justice cases in the news, particularly Texas cases.

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