Tort Law

  • Dallas Personal Injury Law Blog

    "News and information regarding personal injuries in the state of Texas."

  • Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

    Discussion of personal injury law and legal issues, with Texas focus.

  • Dan Berexa’s Tennessee Law Blog

    A Tennessee lawyer discussing personal injury, product liability, trial practice and legal technology.

  • Dangerous Drugs

    "Latest news, court filing and commentary about pharmaceutical products."

  • Daniel Gibalevich Personal Injury Blog

    Posts cover personal injury cases in California, including statements from victims and their representing attorneys.

  • Daniel Gilbalevich Personal Injury Blog

    Posts cover personal injury cases in the news and information for potential clients about filing a claim.

  • Davis Law Group Blog

    "Personal injury law news."

  • Day on Torts

    Attorney John Day discusses a wide range of tort topics, with a focus on helping other lawyers understand plaintiff trial practice.

  • DC Medical Malpractice & Patient Safety Blog

    Posts about events and conditions that have been spurring medical malpractice litigation.

  • DC Metro Area Medical Malpractice Law Blog

    The DC Metro Area Medical Malpractice Law Blog has information about health, patient safety, pharmaceuticals and medical malpractice litigation.

  • DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog

    The DC Metro Area Personal Injury Law Blog covers information about safety and personal injury law.

  • Defamation Law Blog

    "Defamation news and legal analysis with a Canadian focus."

  • Defending Food Safety

    Food safety practices, legislation and technology.

  • Defense Litigation Insider

    Posts speculate on new sources of litigation, news about mass tort and asbestos litigation, and reports about product recalls.

  • Defense of Medicine

    "Focuses on legal issues faced by hospitals, physician groups, and physicians, including regulatory obligations and litigation risk."

  • Denver Personal Injury Law Blog

    "Personal injury legal topics that frequently come up and are asked of our accident attorney in Denver. Our goal is to help accident victims obtain the compensation and justice they deserve by demystifying legal terms and making injury law less intimidating."

  • DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers Legal Blog

    Wichita personal injury blog for legal news and articles about Kansas personal injury cases, including car and truck accidents and issues with insurance payouts.

  • Disparti Law Blog

    The authors blog about personal injury cases in Florida and dicuss issues in filing lawsuits, including issues in medical malpractice and social security cases.

  • Disputing

    "Conversations about dispute resolution."

  • Drug and Device Law

    "Personal views of various topics that arise in the defense of pharmaceutical and medical device product liability litigation." These BigLaw lawyer-authors pick apart rulings and explore issues common to their niche.

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