Tort Law

  • Work Comp Roundup

    Posts several times a day about risk management and the workers compensation process, to reduce costs for companies. Includes both U.S. and international laws.

  • Wright & Weiner

    Consumer-oriented posts cover personal injury and criminal justice issues in Las Vegas.

  • Wynn & Wynn

    Posts cover Massachusetts law as far as fault in a car accident, DUI and incorporating small businesses.

  • Zachar Law Firm | Injury Blog

    Posts offer traffic safety tips and counter misconceptions about personal injury cases

  • Zen Lawyer Seattle

    "Patrick discusses his thoughts on personal injury practice. He believes all trials are plays, and a personal injury case is a 'tragedy.' Among his blog discussion is his theory gleaned from Aristotle in Poetics that tragedy at its highest level involves the audience (jury) in a universal cause-and-effect action where the jury pities the hero (plaintiff) and fears the adversity (injury) could happen to them. A catharsis takes place as the jury provides for fairness by way of a verdict."

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