Trials & Litigation

  • Expert Witness Network

    Providing information, articles, offers and a forum for discussion to the expert witness community.

  • Fairlie & Lippy

    Posts cover Pennyslvania Supreme Court rulings, DUI evidence and defense, and note articles and speaking engagements by the authors.

  • Falk & Ross Law Firm Blog

    Blog discusses Florida criminal defense, particularly armed robbery, DUI and drug charges.

  • False Claims Act & Qui Tam Law

    "Recent news and cases concerning the False Claims Act, qui tams, whistleblowers, and other related collateral proceedings."

  • Family Law Refocused

    "A fresh perspective on divorce, spousal support, child support, parenting after separation and everything family law."

  • Family Law Topics

    "Legal blog by Chicago-area divorce attorneys, on the many topics of family and divorce law including child custody, domestic violence, property division, mediation, child support, premarital agreements, alimony, retirement benefits, collaborative law, adoption, etc."

  • Faruki Ireland & Cox

    Posts "include topics such as data security, intellectual property, advertising and media, and of course, business litigation."

  • FDCPA - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

    "Discusses the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other federal and state consumer protection laws and follows collection industry news from a consumer prospective."

  • Federal Evidence Blog

    Posts "highlight recent cases and issues involving the Federal Rules of Evidence and other topical evidence matters. Topics range from the attorney-client privilege rule (FRE 502), electronic, Internet and expert evidence issues, confrontation clause, pending rule amendments, legislation, privilege issues, recent noteworthy cases and other issues, practical tips, 'Supreme Court Watch' entries and more."

  • Fiduciary Law Blog

    "A blog focusing on all aspects of fiduciary duty litigation."

  • FiegerTime

    Geoffrey Fieger engages in an open conversation with blog readers all while providing his take on any number of topics.

  • Fifth Circuit Blog

    Commentary and summaries of cases before the New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • Florida Appellate Lawyer

    "A blog about Florida appellate practice, with legal writing tutorials, updates on recent Florida case law and the author's 'random thoughts' on topics related to Florida appellate practice."

  • Florida Construction Law Authority

    "News and updates on legal issues facing the construction industry in Florida."

  • Food & Drug Law Blog

    "Addresses litigation and compliance issues related to labeling and promotion of FDA regulated products."

  • Fort Hood Attorney

    John P. Galligan represents Fort Hood, Texas, shooting suspect Maj. Nidal Hasan, and he started this blog in response to a partial gag order forbidding him from inadvertently or purposefully "divulging, publishing or revealing, either by word or conduct," information from the evidence. The blog contains links to military law stories in the mainstream media.

  • Fort Lauderdale Injury Lawyer Blog

    Covers injury law news, reports and opinions in Florida.

  • Fourth Circuit Blog

    Provides case summaries and commentary by a federal defender in the 4th Circuit.

  • FPT Law Blog

    "The goal of the 'Fruits of the Poisonous Tree' blog is to provide a forum where visitors can connect with me in an open discourse about law-related topics."

  • From the Sidebar

    "Trial, litigation and the practice of law."

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