United Kingdom

  • Pink Tape

    "A blog in which I ricochet from too serious to too flippant, and alternate between a bit clever, a bit interesting and a bit ranty: Pink Tape neatly functions as both a blog about family law and a therapeutic escape valve for me."

  • Planning Act Blog

    "Reports, comments on and analyzes the implementation of the new regime for authorizing nationally significant infrastructure projects in the United Kingdom using the Planning Act 2008."

  • Privacy and Data Security Blog

    "Designed to stimulate discussion and help make sense of the global complexities of privacy and data security. The blog will coverthe key issues including: Latest news on the new EU regulation; commentary on new data privacy guidance as it happens; data breach and cybercrime; Information governance strategies; International data transfers; use of customer data; data audits; online / Internet concerns, including user-generated content and complying with data-centric laws; and privacy issues in outsourcing."

  • QLTS School

    "For lawyers who are looking to dual-qualify as English solicitors through the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme conversion exam of the Solicitors Regulation Authority in England and Wales."

  • Researching Reform

    "Researching reform in family law."

  • Richard Zorza’s Access to Justice Blog

    "We define access to justice broadly to include innovations in courts, the bar, legal aid and community that make it easier for people to obtain access to justice institutions, and to just results within those institutions." Posts cover a broad range of subjects, including access to counsel, foreclosures, self-service, law schools and technology.

  • Roberts Jackson

    Posts cover industrial disease and work-related medical conditions.

  • Solicitr

    "Looking at life through legal lenses, Solicitr presents a dash of news with a dose of views, gossip and entertainment. Flick through for a bit of light relief or take the opportunity to have your say; your opinions, insights and stories are welcome."

  • Stephen Mayson » An Independent Mind

    Posts center on the futures of law firms and legal education with a focus on the United Kingdom.

  • The 1709 Blog

    "In 1709 the Statute of Anne created the first purpose-built copyright law. This blog, founded just 300 short and unextended years later, is dedicated to all things copyright, warts and all."

  • The Barrister Bard

    "Witty and incisive comment on the law today, including crime and punishment, love and marriage, prison reform, personal injury, police and the courts."

  • The Barrister Blog

    Posts cover legal news, political news and legal figures in the United Kingdom and elsewhere and includes seaside photos.

  • The Conversation

    "Capturing interesting conversations in the course of my work ..."

  • The Family Law Blog

    Comments on developments in U.K. family law.

  • The Intelligent Challenge

    Posts discuss personal and professional development, client relationships, strategies for law firms and the Zen mindset.

  • The Justice of the Peace [magistrate’s] Blog

    Posts include observations that focus on the "declining freedoms enjoyed by the ordinary citizen and a corresponding fear of the Big Brother state's ever increasing encroachment on civil liberties."

  • The Magistrate’s Blog

    Provides the musings of an "English Magistrate."

  • The Personal Injury Blog

    "A wide variety of posts covering every aspect of personal injury and accident claims law in the U.K."

  • The Sports Law Canary

    "Sports law news, views, articles and cases from around the world."

  • The Virtual Lawyer (Steve Cornforth Blog)

    "Law, legal news and the practice of law in England and Wales."

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