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Builders Counsel

"Legal commentary spanning the current landscape of green building law, LEED legal topics, public contracting, liens, bonds and other construction law topics."

Construction Law Blog

"Analysis of legal issues involving the construction industry, including topics such as bidding on government contracts, delay issues, lien and bond claims, differing site conditions, alternative dispute resolution, construction defects, legislative updates, and more."

Construction Law Monitor

"Providing insight and commentary on construction law issues in Washington and Louisiana."

Davis Law Group Blog

"Personal injury law news."

Decoupling: Washington Family Law Blog

"Offers resources, features, tips, humor, pop quizzes on recent cases, and answers to your general family law questions. The blog is committed to making the courts more accessible to nonlawyers."

FT Law, P.S.

Blog discusses criminal law and procedure, as well as court opinions in Washington and nationally.

Goldberg Jones | Divorce For Men

Graham Lawyer Blog

Washington Supreme Court decisions, crime and criminal trials in Washington state and occasional posts on tribal law.

inVigor Law Group Blog

"Presents practical advice, commentary, and legal know-how for business owners and entrepreneurs."

Law Offices of Christopher A. Benson PLLC

Posts include topics about bankruptcy, estate planning, wills and real estate law in Washington state.

Leyba Defense

"This is a blog about Seattle DUI news, information, and cases."

Local Open Government Blog

"Devoted to legal issues and information on open government laws from Washington state and the rest of the country relevant to local governments."

Native American Legal Update

This blog covers legal issues facing Native American and Alaska Native tribes, their members, and their economic interests.


Posts are "focused on creating a welcoming, useful, dynamic and engaging communications forum that attracts contributors and readers. We hope to create a sense of community among blog contributors and readers, and provide an opportunity for more organic, member-driven content and interaction on an ongoing basis."

Open-Government Blog

“ 'Og-blog' stands for 'open-government blog,' and that’s what we do: tell people about open-government issues of interest to regular citizens, media, trade associations, and government agencies. We find interesting stories and court cases from Washington state and other places about the Public Records Act, Open Public Meetings Act, access-to-court rulings, and media law."

Perey Law Group

"Blog posts for residents of Seattle looking for information about legal topics and local news."

Police and Fire Labor Law Blog

"Cline and Associates’ contributors write on legal developments concerning law enforcement and firefighter labor law across the nation. The blog particularly focuses on arbitration cases involving discipline and other contract grievances. It also covers court rulings and legal developments related to collective bargaining rights, the FLSA and employee civil rights."

Rooted in Rights

Rooted in Rights "is a cross disability, blog (and networking portal) where we cover disability rights issues including current cases, legal articles, and legislative actions. We also review law review articles on disability rights issues and publish original articles."

Seattle Car Accident Lawyer Blog

Current personal injury issues, news and events.

Seattle Condominium and Homeowners Association Attorney

"Intended to provide practical insights to individuals serving on boards of condominium and homeowners associations in the Puget Sound area. It discusses a variety of legal issues that such associations routinely face and offers suggestions about how to handle them. It also contains links to relevant laws that pertain to community associations."

Seattle Criminal Defense Blog

"A look at a variety of legal and personal topics associated with practicing criminal defense in Seattle."

Seattle Criminal Lawyer Blog

Examines the issues raised by criminal cases in the media, particularly ones in which police misconduct is involved. Certain posts also outline the criminal justice system for people coming into contact with it.

Seattle DUI Attorney

"Information on Washington state DUI Defense."

Seattle DUI Attorney Blog

"Ramblings and musing of a Seattle DUI attorney."

Seattle Personal Injury Blog

Posts cover auto and bike accidents in the Seattle area.

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