White Collar Crime

  • Whistleblower Lawyer Blog

    "A blog about Lincoln's Law (False Claims Act) and other whistle-blower laws."

  • White Collar Crime News

    Updates and commentary on white-collar crime cases in New Jersey.

  • White Collar Fraud

    "Views about white-collar crime, securities fraud, the accounting profession, internal controls, Sarbanes-Oxley, government corruption, and other related topics."

  • White Collar Securities Defense

    "A blog tracking significant developments in notable white-collar and securities enforcement actions."

  • White Collar Wire

    "Don’t read us because you’re a criminal. Read us because, some time or other, someone may think you are. This is a blog about business crime. We post stories about news, cases, judicial opinions, practical tips and scholarly work regarding white-collar criminal and civil enforcement, grand jury investigations and regulatory compliance We want to be useful to businesspeople, internal counsel, defense lawyers in private practice, prosecutors and law-school teachers. Sometimes, we write about crime fiction, cocktails and theology. As anyone who’s ever been involved in the defense or prosecution of a white-collar case can testify, all three come in handy."

  • White-Collar Crime

    Trials and litigation involving white-collar criminals as well as the second acts of those convicted of white-collar crimes.

  • White-Collar Crime Prof Blog

    Covers news, prosecutions, investigations, settlements and issues relating to white-collar crime.

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