• Employee Rights Wisconsin

    The blog focuses posts on the legal rights of employees, especially Wisconsin workers and H-1B workers throughout the country. Posts include tips and information about unpaid wages, discrimination, sexual harassment, litigation, and other employment law issues.

  • Employer’s Corner Blog

    Posts focus on legal developments affecting employers, with an emphasis on Wisconsin and the Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals as well as national trends and relevant U.S. Supreme Court jurisprudence.

  • Gillette-Torvik Blog

    "Two lawyers in two states blog about law and the issues of the day, and then comment on each other's posts. Sparks threaten to fly, in a civil, respectful, and exclusively metaphorical way."

  • Jon Groth’s Wisconsin Personal Injury Weblog

    "The most up-to-date information about personal injury law in Wisconsin."

  • Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog

    "Commentary on current issues of law and public policy." A particular focus on Marquette University, Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

  • Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawyer

    Discussion of personal injury law and legal issues, with Wisconsin focus.

  • News from Attorney Carlos Gamino

    "Issues affecting the Milwaukee area, local news stories, and updates in the law."

  • On Point

    "Distills and analyzes the latest decisions concerning criminal law and tracks issues pending before the United States and Wisconsin Supreme Courts."

  • Proof and Hearsay

    "Crime, courts and legal issues in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin." Many daily newspapers have their own police blotter-ish crime blogs that only touch on trials, but this blog of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel really gives Wisconsin’s courts, litigation and lawyer discipline their due.

  • Tax Law Forum

    "All stages of tax audits, appeals, tax collection, significant case law developments and current events."

  • The Fraud Files Blog

    This blawg posts news anecdotes detailing accusations of fraud and discrimination.

  • The Legal Watchdog

    "Exposes injustices, primarily in the field of criminal law."

  • The Rising Jurist

    "Reflections on law and life."

  • WisBlawg - From the UW Law Library

    Legal research and Internet news and information with an emphasis on Wisconsin.

  • Wisconsin Appellate Law

    "Appellate developments affecting Wisconsin business."

  • Wisconsin Business and Commercial Litigation

    "All Wisconsin business and commercial litigation, all the time. Geographically limited to issues and events that arise in Wisconsin courts, federal and/or state. No criminal, no family, no trusts and estates. Just litigation and trial issues, primarily business related."

  • Wisconsin Employment & Labor Law Blog

    Devoted to labor and employment issues in Wisconsin and at the federal level.

  • Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers Blog

    For attorneys practicing personal injury law in Wisconsin and consumers.