Work/Life Balance

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Alexis Neely ♥ Lawyer You Love

"Writings on life, business and the pursuit of truth."

Amicae Curiae

"On the role of women in the law, in legal education, as students as academics, and within the legal profession, generally Australian focus, but some international content as well."

Attorney Work Product

"Life in the Bluegrass as a wife, mom, and attorney."

Bryce Legal Career Advice for Lawyers

Blog contains tips for landing legal jobs and advancing a legal career; observations about the state of the legal industry; and roundups of legal news and career advice from various outside media sources.

But I Do Have a Law Degree

"A BigLaw lawyer turned stay-at-home mom chronicles life after law firms and reflects on the craziness of it all."


"Blogging about law, life and a little fish." This blog regularly hosts the weekly MILP (Moms in Law Practice) Roundup of recent posts by other lawyer-mother-bloggers.

CC Connects

“From trial attorney to lover of life. My blog about escaping busyness to living in the moment.”

Courtroom Divas

"Real life. Real law. Better shoes."

Darling Hill

"Where life and flexible lawyering meet. Where there's no shame in the mommy track (or daddy track). Where lawyers come to find flexible lawyer jobs, alternative legal career ideas and work/life balance. The legal niche for part-time lawyers, stay-at-home lawyers, and work-from-home lawyers."

Domestic Goddess, Esquire

"Why are mother lawyers so unhappy? Why do they leave the profession? Do they really ‘want’ to leave, or do they feel pushed out? Are they happy once they do leave? Do they hope to return to the profession? What will it take for them to return? What, if anything, would have prevented them from leaving in the first place? How have those who do ‘opt out’ been able to afford that decision – especially in light of their often crushing student loans? This blawg will examine these questions, and hopes to become a gathering spot for all mother-lawyers."

From BigLaw to Freelance Law

"A blog about Montage Legal Group's network of freelance attorneys, who chose flexibility and balance over firm life."

Generation J.D.

Young practicing lawyers in Maryland and Washington, D.C., share their experiences starting out in the legal profession and balancing work and family life. They also post about whatever other news or topics—law-related or otherwise—they want to cover.

Greedy Associates

Posts cover career and lifestyle topics for law students and young attorneys.

Halo Secretarial Services

The legal industry, virtual assistant businesses and work-life balance.

Happy Go Legal

Posts are aimed at legal professionals and largely cover five categories, individual environment, professional development, "lifestyle design", play at work, and humor.

JD Moms

"The tales of our adventures balancing babies and the billable hour."

JD Nation

"Coaching and resources for JDs who want to regain a sense of control, curb burnout and start enjoying their lives again. Because there's more to life than being a lawyer. Really."

JDs Rising

"A blog for a new generation of Minnesota lawyers."

Juris Epicurus

Posts include illustrated recipes for "healthy meals that are relatively easy and inexpensive."

Lag Liv

"A brand-new corporate attorney with a husband, toddler, cat, two big dogs and a lot of shoes."

Law and Life on the Gnat Line

"Covers a wide variety of topics on the practice of law and life on the gnat line (a distinctive area of Middle Georgia)."

Law People

Covers law practice management and work/life balance issues.

Law School Mom

"A book, a mom, and a baby."


"A blog written by a busy, Catholic mother who is a full-time attorney. Includes reflections on being a working parent, work/life balance in the law, Catholicism, motherhood, and children."


"Lawdable is a forum for in-house and managing attorneys to discover and share information related to the issues they face on a daily basis. Through a 'best practices' approach, the blog provides commentary from experts in a wide range of areas, citing specific client examples of progressive and innovative (or 'laudable') initiatives that have helped legal departments become more efficient and economical without sacrificing quality. More specifically, it focuses on national issues and general commentary on the use of attorneys in a nontraditional manner, issues affecting legal departments on a daily basis and how both new and tested approaches can offer solutions, litigation support and e-discovery, best practices regarding technology implementation and efficiency training methods for teams of attorneys, and the work-life balance sought by attorneys."

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