Gerald Abila's Barefoot Law helps Ugandans use a mobile device to learn about their legal rights

Uganda’s legal system is based on English common law, but criminal defendants who can’t afford legal representation—and most can’t—aren’t appointed counsel unless they face a death sentence or life in…

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Analysis of Key Federal Cases

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Just Security

Just Security

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Posts cover news related to the United States' national security law and policy, analysis of that news, and daily updates on military action around the world.

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How a series of attacks by a breakaway Amish sect became a landmark hate-crimes case (podcast)

The Amish religion is a branch of Christianity that adheres to a doctrine of simplicity, nonviolence and forgiveness. How then did a breakaway group come to be implicated in the first federal trial to prosecute religiously motivated hate crimes within the same faith community?

From September to November in 2011,…

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