Which lawyers won MacArthur 'genius grants' in 2014?

Three of this year’s MacArthur “genius grant” winners are lawyers who focus on criminal justice or civil rights issues, while a fourth is a professor who studies the impact of…

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Analysis of Key Federal Cases

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Inside SALT

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The focus of this blog is on state and local taxes in the U.S., providing in-depth coverage of quirky or important cases from around the country.

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Poll: What do you think of our new look?

Frequent visitors to ABAJournal.com have probably noticed some changes in the way things look around here.

We’ve tried to bring a somewhat more contemporary look to the website, to make it easier to find the information relevant to you, and to introduce some new features we think you’ll like.

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How do you provide client hand-holding if you run a virtual firm? (podcast with transcript)

This month, in connection with our Legal Rebels project, we wanted to look at the growing field of virtual law practices.

Opportunities are growing for lawyers to practice law in digital spaces. But clients still want and need individual attention. If you have a virtual law practice, how can…

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