Q&A With Rex Gradeless on Why Social Media Matters for Lawyers

Posted Sep 29, 2009 7:32 PM CDT
By Stephanie Francis Ward

Rex Gradeless graduated law school with more than 67,000 followers on Twitter (@Rex7). Below is a question and answer on Twitter and Phonevite about why social media matters to lawyers.

On Twitter, find the original Q&A, plus retweets using the hashtag #RebelRex.

See the Legal Rebels profile of Gradeless here.

1. @SFW70: Can you give examples of social media that actually worked to get lawyers new, paying business?

2. @SFW70: Are social media tools better for deepening relationships with existing clients or finding new clients?

3. @SFW70: What’s more effective marketing: joining a social network or starting your own?

4. @SFW70: Do lawyers of different ages have a different approach to social media?

5. @SFW70: Is the age/generational issue mainly an issue of initial use?

6. @SFW70: How much are lawyers judged by the digital company they keep?

@Rex7: I’m not sure about digital company they keep. However, they are certainly judged by their digital participation and tone.

7. @SFW70: Are many law firms monitoring what their lawyers are doing with social media, and how their online presence reflects the firm?

8. @SFW70: How does one know if he or she is too connected to social media? Do you have a rule of thumb?

@Rex7: When social media becomes a burden and time spent outweighs rewards, then a more focused social media effort may be in order.

9. @SFW70: Do you see any malpractice risks in using social media?

10. @SFW70: Do any attorney regulation agencies have guidelines for social media?

11. @SFW70: How are social media really changing things at the ground level? Lots of distraction or real change?

12. @SFW70: What do you tell lawyers who say that social media is a time waster?

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