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Posted Sep 22, 2009 4:00 PM CDT

Here are two questions that have appeared on the supplemental law school entry exam designed by Marjorie Shultz and Sheldon Zedeck.

Rather than indicating how well a potential student might do in law school like the LSAT, their test seeks to show how good a lawyer that potential student might be.

The questions do not have right answers. “They are scored based on answers that were selected by lawyers rated as most effective on the particular factor by their peers and supervisors in our study,” Shultz says.

1) In a neighborhood meeting called to address an urgent problem, I have important ideas to share, but a lot of people are trying to talk at once and nothing much is getting done. Listening to what I consider trivial points being made by others, I find my temper rising. What I would do next is:

a. Get up and make notes on a chart pad about my ideas and others that seem helpful.
b. Keep gradually increasing the volume of my voice until people pay attention to what I have to say.
c. Wait until someone asks my opinion before I talk.
d. Knock sharply on the table and say, “We have to take turns. Would you, Joe, go first?”
e. Start a more productive subconversation with several people sitting close to me.
f. Suggest breaking into small groups so more people can share ideas quickly and then report back to the general group to seek consensus.

2) You learn that a co-worker, Angela, who you helped train for the job, copied some confidential and proprietary information from the company’s files. What would you do?

a. Tell Angela what I learned and that she should destroy the information before she gets caught.
b. Anonymously report Angela to management.
c. Report Angela to management and after disciplinary action has been taken, tell Angela that I’m the one that did so.
d. Threaten to report Angela unless she destroys the information.
e. Do nothing.

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