Looking for law schools? Yelp says it can help

If you are considering Yale Law School, be forewarned: The crowd there is “a little on the nerdy side,” but the Friday happy hours offer free alcohol and greasy food.

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Analysis of Key Federal Cases

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A Preponderance of Fashion

A Preponderance of Fashion

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Posts cover labor and trademark issues arising in the fashion industry as well as appropriate workplace fashion for women.

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Poll: Which shark-fin caption best suits this cartoon?

Vote in the cartoon poll for one of these reader-submitted captions by the end of the day on May 24.

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So you want to practice overseas? (podcast with transcript)

Have you ever daydreamed about having a career abroad? Before saying bon voyage, you should know what’s involved. In this month’s Asked and Answered podcast, moderator Stephanie Francis Ward will speak with an attorney who’s done it and get his tips and advice on developing a practice beyond U.S. borders.

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