Are bloggers way overreacting? Kagan's use of 'way' as an adverb gets noticed

Did Justice Elena Kagan make history when she used “way” as an adverb in an opinion this week?

Kagan wrote (PDF) that pharmaceutical company Omnicare “way overstates” a mandated…

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Analysis of Key Federal Cases

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Don't Mess with Taxes

Don't Mess with Taxes

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"Taxes. Sure you hate 'em, but you're stuck with 'em. Either that, or you're stuck in a federal jail cell."

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How can attorneys get help without harming their careers? (podcast with transcript)

With such a stressful profession, many attorneys face addiction and other mental health issues. If you find yourself struggling–or know another lawyer who is–what resources are out there? Does admitting a problem have to harm your career? What are your ethical duties if you do know that a colleague is…

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