Want to be the next Miss America? Then you might want to hire this lawyer

Bill Alverson has been practicing law in the small town of Andalusia, Alabama, for nearly a quarter of a century. Together with his son, William Alverson, they run a law…

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Analysis of Key Federal Cases

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I Object

I Object! A Blog on Preservation of Error

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"This blog is dedicated to preservation of error, both at trial and on the appeal itself. In short, we want to help you make your case more appealing. We will post brief case studies along with practical tips on preserving error and lessons learned from failing to do so."

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Poll: Which clowning around caption fits best?

It’s your turn to pick the caption you think should appear with this month’s legal-themed cartoon.

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All is not as it seems for 9th Circuit clerk in ATL founder’s new novel (podcast)

In David Lat’s first novel, Supreme Ambitions, a young Yale Law School grad named Audrey Coyne lands what appears to be the opportunity of a lifetime when she becomes a clerk for Judge Christina Wong Stinson of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Coyne sees this as the first…

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