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April 2004 Issue


Cover Story

Brown at 50

A quarter century ago, while attending a 25th anniversary celebration of Brown v. Board of Edu­cation, Constance Baker Motley was met at an Ala­bama air­port by a college student who was assigned to pick her up and take her to the event.

Now a senior U.S. district judge in New York City, Motley had been a young lawyer on the staff of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educa­tion­al Fund Inc., the group that litigated Brown.

When the student asked Motley about the conference, she re­plied, “We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Brown.”

The student responded, “Who’s that?”

Feature Section

    The Court Comes Together

    Fresh out of Northwestern Law School in the summer of 1953, Earl E. Pollock was awarded a clerkship in the chambers of the chief jus­tice of the United States, Fred M. Vinson. It would not last long.

    Making Brown Real

    Christine Coppedge remembers the fall night in 1966. Five cars bearing Confed­erate battle flags headed up the long narrow driveway toward her family’s home.

    Are Schools Returning to the 1950s?

    If the U.S. Supreme Court justices who is­sued Brown and Brown II were to survey the last half century, what would they see?

ABA Connection

Antitrust American Style

Webster’s dictionary hardly contained enough superlatives for Justice Department officials in May 1999 when they announced guilty pleas by the leaders of an international cartel that for nearly a decade had raked in billions of dollars by globally fixing the prices of vitamins. “The vitamin cartel is the most pervasive and harm­ful criminal antitrust conspiracy ever uncovered,” declared then-Antitrust Division chief Joel I. Klein. “The criminal conduct of these companies hurt the pocketbook of virtually every American consumer—anyone who took a vitamin, drank a glass of milk or had a bowl of cereal.”

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No Time To Waste

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A Cash Crisis

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The Blessings of Brown

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Efforts That Hit Home

Above the Trees

Recipe For Growth

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Showing His Stripes

Keeva on Life and Practice

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