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November 2004 Issue


Cover Story

Telling Secrets

Filed claims against their employers, alleging that they were forced from their jobs in retaliation for legal advice or gripes against management that the companies didn’t appreciate.

Feature Section

    Smooth Operators

    Like many in his field, Alan Ciochon, director of in­formation technology with Whyte Hirsch­boeck Du­dek in Milwaukee, has had to handle several technology rollouts over the past few years for the firm, which has three of­fices across Wisconsin. And one thing he’s learned, Ciochon says, is that technology doesn’t work just because the technology is good.

ABA Connection

The Rules Change with Age

As if the other drawbacks of aging weren’t al­ready bad enough, doing income taxes gets hard­er, too.

McElhaney on Litigation

Channeling Discovery

Corner Office

Ethics Czars in Demand

Associates in the Trenches

Best of Both Worlds

Solo Network

Home Alone

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Growth Guru

Life Audit

Honeymoon Redux

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Lending Justice a Hand

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Members Come Home

Report from Governmental Affairs

Still On the Case

Above the Trees

Home Schooling

Obiter Dicta

Recluse Rodent

Keeva on Life and Practice

Lessons from Loss