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January 2005 Issue


Cover Story

Flying Under the Radar

We live in a news-drenched world. Even with events unfolding at breakneck speed, it seems that nothing—or at least nothing of import—slips under the radar of an ever-vigilant news media that now includes the Internet in its arsenal. It’s tempting to think that if an event or some development or trend didn’t grab headlines over the past year, it’s because it just wasn’t important.

Such a thought couldn’t be more wrong.

Feature Section

    Celebrity Justice

    Deputy District Attorney Gerald McM. Franklin needed just two sentences to wrap up his view of the public’s right to know the details of the child molestation case against Michael Jackson. He used them to ask the California Supreme Court to maintain the fog of secrecy that has enveloped the pretrial proceedings.

ABA Connection

Litigation Over Arbitration

Is this the best of times or the worst of times for arbitrating disputes in the United States? The answer to that question depends on whom you ask.

McElhaney on Litigation

The Right Words

Corner Office

Thank You and Goodbye

Associates in the Trenches

Street Smarts

Solo Network

Painless Paperless

Ideas from the Front

Private Drive

Spam I Am

Life Audit

Recommit to Fit

President's Message

Justice Through Juries

Above the Trees

Adding Un Poco Espanol

Obiter Dicta

Bare-Ly Boating

Keeva on Life and Practice

A Client’s Perspective