Newest Issue - January 2005


Flying Under the Radar

We live in a news-drenched world. Even with events unfolding at breakneck speed, it seems that nothing—or at least nothing of import—slips under the radar of an ever-vigilant news media that now includes the Internet in its arsenal. It’s tempting to think that if an event or some development or trend didn’t grab headlines over the past year, it’s because it just wasn’t important.

Such a thought couldn’t be more wrong.


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Keeva on Life and Practice

Poll: Which of these captions for the cartoon contest really pops?

Two prisoners watch lawyer walk out of prison.

  • 41.29%
    "He’s not much of a lawyer, but for 40 years he hasn’t forgotten my birthday."
  • 9.01%
    "I asked for help keeping my head up, but I should have been more specific."
  • 49.7%
    "How did the meeting with your attorney go?" "He said these balloons had a better chance of getting me out than he did."