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April 2005 Issue


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Duty Calls

Steve Johansen must have a demeanor that trial lawyers trust. How else to explain why Johansen, called for jury duty three times, was chosen each time--twice for short, one-day criminal trials and once on a civil case that lasted three weeks?

Feature Section

    The Paperless Chase

    Litigators are supposed to know all the ins and outs of a trial --what’s allowed and what makes compelling evidence. But talk to experienced lawyers about electronic evidence in litigation and they start to get vague. Talk to them specifically about using evidence from a database in court and it might sound like listening in on a late-night college bull session about the meaning of life.

ABA Connection

The Verdict on Juries

As the two-week trial in a condemnation case was winding down, a juror asked a question. This being Arizona, which 11 years ago embraced much of the ju­ry reform now picking up speed as it moves across the country, Judge Pendleton Gaines accepted it in written form through the bailiff and read it to the lawyers: “How much repetition do we have to listen to during closing argument?”

McElhaney on Litigation

Clean Up Your Mess

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Rethinking Sentencing

Above the Trees

Ambition Uncorked

Obiter Dicta

Minty Motorist

Keeva on Life and Practice

Some Judges are Watching