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November 2005 Issue


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The Avian Flu Time Bomb

In 1918, the manmade carnage of the final year of World War I was dwarfed by the lethal impact of a microscopic virus.

Feature Section

    Hail to the Chief

    Chief Justice William H. Rehn­quist, who died Sept. 3, is remembered for his disarming warmth and humor, breadth of knowledge about the law, and insistence that there is life outside the office. Few knew him better than the legions of clerks who toiled with and learned from him. Indeed, the sheer number who attended his funeral testifies to how highly he was regarded. Here, four former clerks from the decades of the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s write about their own particular memories of the late chief justice.

    Beyond The Bench

    As he takes over the center chair at the U.S. Supreme Court, new Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. has more than just that seat to fill. The successor to the late Chief Justice Wil­liam H. Rehnquist assumes a variety of oth­er roles as the judicial system’s chief executive officer.

ABA Connection

Taxpayer Savings Time

We all know that saving money is essential to a sound financial plan. But alas, when it comes to saving, as with so many other endeavors, knowing the right thing to do is often a lot easier than actually doing it.


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