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January 2006 Issue


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Flying Under the Radar

Coming off of a slow holiday diet of year-in-review articles calling attention to the biggest news of 2005, we call on you to take a look forward.

Place your hand on our crystal ball to see how our sources predict what legal news might be making headlines in the months to come. To make our list, we first determined the most underrated, underreported and unappreciated issues affecting lawyers. And then we thought about how these topics are likely to play out in the future.

While the chosen list is far from comprehensive, it identifies developments that may indeed prove worthy of extra attention.

A correction has been made to this story.

Feature Section

    New Fight for Voting Rights

    The signs of segregation were ubiquitous when John Lewis was growing up on his family’s farm in Pike County, Ala. Whether they hung over separate drinking fountains, washrooms, restaurant en­trances or other public facilities, they always read the same: “white” and “colored.”

    “I would ask my parents and grandparents, ‘Why segregation?’ ” recalls Lewis, now 65. “They would say, ‘That’s just the way it is. Don’t get out of line. Don’t get in the way.’ ”

ABA Connection

Sea Change in Patent Law

Gordon Gould was still a graduate student in physics at Columbia University when he made his breakthrough in November 1957. He developed a way to use beams of light to perform an array of tasks. A half-century later, Gould’s invention is in­tegral to the technology revolution—it can be used to perform delicate eye surgery without harming vision, it translates the digital messages on CDs and DVDs, it reads barcodes, and it helps make high-speed data com­munications possible. Gould named his invention the laser.

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