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April 2006 Issue


Cover Story

A Matter Over Mind

The 911 calls began coming just before 5 a.m. on June 21, 2000, from a residential neighborhood in Flagstaff, Ariz. The callers complained of a pickup repeatedly circling the block, blasting music.

Feature Section

    Peak Performance

    This year, divorce attorney Joseph N. DuCanto celebrated his 50th anniversary--not of being married but of practicing law.

    How the Cops Caught BTK

    Dennis Rader, otherwise known as the BTK killer, thought he had some sort of understanding with Wichita, Kan., police Lt. Ken Land­wehr, head of the mul­ti­agency task force that was trying to catch him.

ABA Connection

The Price is Right

To some, the legal system might seem too preoccupied with measuring the value of things--even intangibles like pain and suffering--in terms of dollars.

McElhaney on Litigation

Story Line

Corner Office

Same Happy, Another Hour

Associates in the Trenches

The Foreign Desk

Solo Network

Planning Makes Cents

Career Audit

Schmooze or Lose

President's Message

A False Choice

Executive Director's Report

A Beacon of Justice

Above the Trees

Home Inc.

Obiter Dicta

Die, Dammit, Die!

Keeva on Life and Practice

Problematic Perfectionism