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February 2007 Issue


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Violation or Salvation?

Warren Jeffs at a preliminary hearing in November with defense lawyers Tara Isaacson, Walter Bugden and Richard Wright. His accusers say the case against Warren Steed Jeffs is about child sexual abuse and nothing more.

Jeffs’ defenders say the polygamist leader is a simple preacher, singled out for prosecution because of his beliefs. Either way, Jeffs stood as the supreme authority figure over a 14-year-old-girl who accuses him of forcing her to wed her 19-year-old first cousin.

Feature Section

    New Name, New Strategies

    At the end of a long, intensely political day last July at a convention in Seattle, Jeffrey Breit and a couple of other members of the board of governors of what then was the Association of Trial Lawyers of America visited the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar, a trendy downtown watering hole. Along with drinks, the bartender eventually served up a question: What do you folks do?

    Following the Beat of the Ban

    Some anti-abortion activists believe that a complete and to­tal ban on abortion is the only way to go. To do anything less, they say, is to countenance the killing of one unborn child to save the life of another.

ABA Connection

E-Discovery Gets Real

When lawyer Ariana Tadler got in­volved in a major securities case a few years ago, she knew it would be a big deal.

The class action lawsuit alleging that some 300 tech companies and 55 of the biggest investment banks in the United States manipulated stock of­ferings was com­plicated enough, says plaintiffs lawyer Tadler. But the real problem was that in the years running up to the litigation, the business world had started using e-mail, and lawyers had been slow to appreciate the im­plications for litigation.


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