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June 2007 Issue


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Coach Me

Professional coaching isn’t a new topic to lawyers or even to the pages of the ABA Journal. Yet we at the Journal continually hear lawyers say they are reluctant to turn that awareness into an actual working relationship.

Perhaps they don’t understand what, exactly, a coach could do for them. Or they’re not sure how to find the “right” coach--and even if they could, how could they spare the time?

That made us wonder what would happen if we helped the process along--if we custom-matched a lawyer with a coach and let them work together for one month at no cost to the lawyer beyond the expense of time and effort.

Feature Section

    Collaring the Clergy

    From his 10th-floor office in St. Paul, Minn.--low-lit, with dark wooden blinds shutting out the view of a bridge across the Mississippi--Jeffrey Anderson is soothing, cajoling, strategizing, planning and implementing in phone call after phone call.

    Judge v. Jury

    Andy Leipold, a professor at the University of Illinois College of Law, was researching the right to a jury trial when a statistic involving federal criminal cases jumped out at him.

ABA Connection

Decline & Fall

By 1995, the age of the consumer class action had reached its apogee. In October of that year, a Fortune magazine headline epitomized the fear and loathing that class actions engendered within the U.S. business community: “Lawyers from Hell: Slip Up and Guys Like These Can Bankrupt Your Company.”

McElhaney on Litigation

Putting the Case Together

Corner Office

A Chinese Puzzle

Ideas from the Front

Operation Law Firm Leader

Report from Governmental Affairs

Destination: Capitol Hill

Obiter Dicta

Busting a Move


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