Newest Issue - July 2007


Law Hacks

(law haks) noun: Ways to successfully manage your workday by getting more done in less time


1 Empty your e-mail inbox daily.

2 Change your e-mail settings so the system doesn’t alert you every time a message comes in, as many systems do. Out­look can be set to alert you only for urgent messages. Interruptions only spoil your attention to your work; check your messages when you’re ready for them.

3 Move e-mail to the appropriate folder as soon as you have read it.

4 Organize your folders by urgency and then by subject.

5 Program your e-mail software to automatically file messages. Use your e-mail system’s rules: Sort by sender, subject or keyword.


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Poll: Which of these captions for the cartoon contest really pops?

Two prisoners watch lawyer walk out of prison.

  • 41.29%
    "He’s not much of a lawyer, but for 40 years he hasn’t forgotten my birthday."
  • 9.01%
    "I asked for help keeping my head up, but I should have been more specific."
  • 49.7%
    "How did the meeting with your attorney go?" "He said these balloons had a better chance of getting me out than he did."