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September 2008 Issue

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Midcareer Malaise

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Seventeen years into his career as a plaintiffs lawyer, Jeb Wait grew weary. He was tired of battling with the opposition, of court deadlines and of dealing with dishonest professionals.

For Wait it was something akin to a midlife crisis, and he decided to redirect his career into consulting for mass tort pharmaceutical litigation. The Houston lawyer, who also has a medical degree, says he is much happier after the shift.

“Midcareer,” he explains, “is when you wonder if what you’ve been doing was really what you wanted to do, while also wonder­ing if you have enough time left to do something else that you really want to do.”

Call them the Jan Bradys of the legal profession—those lawyers in the middle. Typically, they’re 10 to 15 years out of law school and, if they’re practicing at law firms, are senior associates or junior partners.

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    Real Trouble

    A federal judge’s behavior could move the line between judicial freedom and misconduct.

    Web 2.0 Still a No-go

    Survey: Lawyers slow to adopt cutting-edge technology.

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Litigation won’t end the battles over depleted water resources in several regions of the United States.

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