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January 2009 Issue

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Special Recession Issue

Some very hard times are on the horizon.

Stock markets have cra­tered, credit markets have seized up, and nothing the regulators have done seems to have had much impact on an economy that looks as bad as it has looked since the Great Depression.

How did we come to this, and what role did the work of lawyers play? What effect will the downturn likely have on the business of law on both Wall Street and Main Street? And how can you survive the slump?

This special issue begins to answer those questions.

We look back to the last great legal recession for clues about how this bust is likely to play out.

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ABA Connection

How Lawyers Enabled The Meltdown

And how they might have prevented it.

Supreme Court Report

How Did They Get It So Wrong?

McElhaney on Litigation

Persuasive Direct

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Facing Challenges in Crisis Mode


January 11, 2003

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