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November 2009 Issue


Cover Story

A Death in the Office

Mark Levy began his last day at Kilpatrick Stockton like he’d begun countless others.

He pulled his Jaguar into the garage at the law firm two blocks from the White House just before 5:30 and took the elevator up to the 11th floor.

Always an early riser, he enjoyed getting a jump on the news of the day and sharing it with friends and colleagues. His were often the first e-mails they received—a pitch to attend a Democratic fundraiser, a pat on the back for a well-written article, or his take on the latest from the U.S. Supreme Court.

But this particular Thursday morning something was different. Levy had cleared his calendar, coyly dodging the reason when he canceled lunch the day before with a longtime friend.

“He said something had come up, and that I’d be able to read about it in the papers,” the friend says.

Feature Section

    Legal Rebels

    Meet three more innovators who are reshaping the profession.

    Green Achers

    The lure of BigLaw and big cities may stir some. But for a certain solo breed, the small town is the place to be.

    So You Want to Go Solo? You Sure?

    Here are the tasks you must master to live the shingle life.

ABA Connection

The Bad-Debt Blues

It’s crucial to take federal taxes into account when restructuring debt.

The National Pulse

Home Settling

McElhaney on Litigation

Listen, Don’t Talk

Report from Governmental Affairs

Taking Aim at Red Flags

Obiter Dicta

Heroic Hassles


November 16, 1939

Letters to the Editor

Lay Off the Coffee Talk