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May 2010 Issue

Cover Story

CEO, Esq.

David Dillon loved law school, especially the criminal justice clinic. His law professors say he was a natural in the courtroom and a zealous defender of the underprivileged. There was never any doubt that he would be an extraordinary advocate.

Feature Section

    Aggressive Justice

    Judges have slammed federal prosecutors for going overboard. Now the Justice Department is stepping in—to police itself.

    He Tries Men’s Soles

    ‘Tracker’ Joel Hardin claims he can tell the story of a crime from a footprint. But defense lawyers say he’s stepping outside the bounds of evidence.

    A Man of Moderation

    John Paul Stevens got one of his earliest lectures on politics, business and corruption long before he went to law school. Born to Chicago gentry in 1920, Stevens grew up in the city’s Hyde Park neighborhood, known for its diversity, intellectual achievement and wealth.

    Practical Meaning: As the Court Shifted Right, Stevens Kept His Place

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Con Census

Pop the Caps

Supreme Court Report

Whither the Uighurs?


Rising Tide

McElhaney on Litigation

Greed Is Not Good

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Payday Equality


May 3, 1948

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Rehnquist the Mensch