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January 2011 Issue


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Master of Disasters: Is Ken Feinberg Changing the Course of Mass Tort Resolution?

Has Kenneth Feinberg become such a brand unto himself—at once unique and ubiquitous as the nation’s problem solver—that a truck running over him would end forever the Feinberg Way for mass-dispute resolution? Is he sui generis? Answers vary. Feinberg’s own suffices for the moment. He seems surprised when asked, which is saying a lot given how much press he gets. Feinberg stops fidgeting for brief seconds, suddenly still in a beige leather lounge chair at one end of his long, narrow office in the Willard Office Building, barely more than a block from the White House. A broad smile quickly curls up. “That’s an interesting question,” he says. “No one seems to be doing what I’m doing.”

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