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Read by nearly half of the nation’s 1 million-plus lawyers, ABA Journal/The Lawyer’s Magazine is the leading publication for practicing attorneys in all areas of law and in firms of all sizes. It provides in-depth analysis of the trends, people and finances of the legal profession – from Wall Street to Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Magazine Editorial Sections

Opening Statements - A fast-paced section of news, trends, profiles and statistics that opens the magazine
National Pulse - News stories that put the latest court decisions in perspective
Supreme Court Report - Analysis of the nation's highest court that goes beyond the headlines
The Practice - Expert advice on how to become a better advocate
Ethics - Breaking down the latest rules on what attorneys can and cannot do
Business of Law - Coverage of law firm management, solos and small firms, associates, legal technology and work/life balance
Precedents - A look back at a moment in legal history that happened this month

Journalism Awards

Webby Awards

Official Honoree, Law, ABAJournal.com, 2011
Official Honoree, Law, ABAJournal.com, 2009
People's Voice Award, Law, ABAJournal.com, 2008


Publication Excellence, Design and Layout Utilizing Photography, "On Her Way Back: New Orleans Continues to Rebuild," March 2012

The American Legion

Fourth Estate Award, "The Cemetery Sea," May 2009

American Society of Business Publication Editors


National Gold Award, Online Exellence, "New Normal," 2013

Regional Silver Award, Feature, "The Law School Bubble," January 2012

Regional Silver Award, Feature, "Pricing Amy," September 2012

Regional Gold Award, Print Design, "King Coal's Violent Reign," December 2012

Regional Gold Award, Cover Design, "Patriots Debate," February 2012

Regional Gold Award, Cover Illustration, "12 for the Stage," August 2012

Regional Bronz Award, Cover Design, "SUED," May 2012

Regional Award, “After Katrina,” February 2006

Lisagor Awards, sponsored by the Chicago Headline Club

Winner, In-Depth Reporting, "Paradigm Shift," July 2011
Winner, "Art Attack," December 2006
Winner, In-Depth Reporting, "After Katrina," February 2006


Reader Profile

375,000 practicing attorneys receive the ABA Journal each month. All subscribers are ABA members.


ABA Journal Subscribers

% Male 68.9%   
% Female 31.1%
Average Age 49.9
Median Age 50.9
Average HHI $292,000
Median HHI $215,900
% College Degree 100%
%Partner or Senior/Managing Partner 

Source: ABA Journal Reader Profile Study, June 2007, MRI Market Solutions