3 signals that it’s time to quit your job


3 signals that it’s time to quit your job

Jul 15, 2013, 10:30 am CDT

Most workers unhappy with their jobs often stay too long and are unwilling to take the risks necessary to move on and find career satisfaction.

Entrepreneur Daniel Gulati, who co-authored Passion and Purpose: Stories from the Best and Brightest Young Business Leaders, told Bloomberg TV’s Market Makers that about 80 percent of employees are dissatisfied or extremely dissatisfied with their jobs. Even when the economy is healthy, workers find a reason to stay in jobs they hate.

So he’s offered three signals that it’s time to move on:

1) You keep promising yourself you’ll quit, but never do.
2) You don’t want your boss’s job.
3) You’re consistently underperforming.

Gulati says workers “can reach sort of this career nirvana when you can combine what you love what you’re good at and what the market wants.”

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