Suit filed over ‘unreasonably dangerous’ lily after pet cat munches leaves and ends up at the vet

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Suit filed over ‘unreasonably dangerous’ lily after pet cat munches leaves and ends up at the vet

Aug 28, 2013, 05:15 pm CDT


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A Portland, Ore., lawyer has sued a local supermarket and its floral supplier over the lily he bought for his wife while grocery shopping.

The “Love Story Lily” was “unreasonably dangerous,” Charley Gee contends in the Multnomah County Circuit Court complaint he filed last week, because it even though it is highly toxic to cats, the package provided no warning about the risk to pets, the Oregonian reports.

The package did warn that the lily should not be consumed by humans and could stain clothing.

Gee says in the suit that he and his wife had to rush their 8-year-old cat to the vet after it consumed some of the lily leaves. It survived but racked up a veterinary bill of more than $1,500.

He initially sought reimbursement of his expenses and an agreement from the defendant market, New Seasons, and its supplier, Bay City Flower Co., to add a warning about the danger to cats. When that didn’t happen, he retained animal rights attorney Dane Johnson, and filed the complaint.

The companies didn’t respond to requests for comment by the Oregonian.

All parts of a lily can be toxic to cats, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. A Pet Poison Helpline page says some varieties are more toxic to cats than others and provides information about symptoms and treatment.

However, the only safe option for cat owners is to eliminate all lilies from their homes, veterinarian Eric Barchas wrote at Catster earlier this yer.

Gee says he continues to buy flowers for his wife but now sends them to her office.

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