Office manager sues after ex-client fires dozens of rounds at law firm

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Office manager sues after ex-client fires dozens of rounds at law firm

Aug 6, 2014, 02:35 pm CDT

When a former client broke into the small Covington, Louisiana, law office at which Robin Domingue worked as an office manager last summer and began firing dozens of bullets, she managed to hide from him.

But she suffered permanent injuries while trying to escape and seek shelter, she says in a lawsuit filed last month. It blames local Tammany Parish officials for not doing more to prevent the shooting by Roderick Rist, 47, who committed suicide after firing as many as 60 rounds, according to the Louisiana Record.

The suit alleges that Rist was “an individual known to be dangerous and mentally unstable,” yet the sheriff’s office, coroner and other officials didn’t adequately investigate and take protective measures. It also accuses a female relative of Rist of failing to prevent him from obtaining firearms. Insurers are named as additional defendants in the 22nd Judicial District Court case.

Domingue, who was the only other person present during the shooting aside from Rist, says she suffered severe and disabling injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder. She is seeking damages for lost wages and medical expenses.

The law firm is owned by attorney Tim Upton.

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