Paris Hilton Judge Amazed at Publicity


Paris Hilton Judge Amazed at Publicity

May 8, 2007, 04:32 pm CDT

The judge who sentenced Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail is hardworking, unassuming and not given to grandstanding for the cameras.

Lawyers who argue cases in front of Judge Michael Sauer told the Los Angeles Times he wouldn’t change his judgment to make an example out of a celebrity.

“He’s not the kind of guy who likes the limelight,” said lawyer Mark Rafferty. He’s a hardworking judge and has been for a long time. He’s not worried about what other people think, good or bad.”

Sauer says he’s surprised at all of the attention. “I don’t care to be the DUI judge to the stars,” he told the newspaper. “I’m amazed about the amount of talk about this case. I’m amazed at the amount of publicity.”

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