Partner’s affair with lawyer is aired in ‘Ask Amy’

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Partner’s affair with lawyer is aired in ‘Ask Amy’

Feb 21, 2013, 02:36 pm CST

A partner’s affair with a lawyer has a law firm in turmoil and a worker there seeking advice from “Ask Amy.”

“This situation has caused no end of problems in our office,” the worker writes, “as this boss has continued to favor his paramour and has given her more power over others in the firm. Morale has deteriorated to the point the firm is splitting into two as a result of the affair.” The San Jose Mercury News published the column.

Both the partner and lawyer involved in the affair are married. The worker asks whether to tell the partner’s wife, who is also a lawyer. Ask Amy thinks the worker is focusing on the wrong problem.

Both spouses probably already know of the affair, Ask Amy says. “Rather than get involved in this personal problem, you should be concerned about the personnel problem,” the columnist advises.

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