Who Will Replace Souter? Today’s News

Supreme Court Nominations

Who Will Replace Souter? Today’s News

May 12, 2009, 10:54 pm CDT

Associated Press: “Obama to talk court nomination with Senate leaders”

Boston Globe: “In replacing Souter, Obama should look beyond courthouse”

Fortune: “What will Souter’s retirement mean for business?”

Los Angeles Times: “Two roads to the Supreme Court”

The Stump (Oregonian): “Predictability should trump political leanings as Obama evaluates Supreme Court possibilities”

Washington Post: “Hispanics See Stars Aligned on High Court”

Law Blog (Wall Street Journal): “Has the Supreme Court Already Had a Hispanic Justice?” “Souter’s ‘Clerk Footprint’ Is Very Academic” “Justice Scalia Tells Law Student Why She Probably Won’t Be His Law Clerk”

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