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6th Victim Dies After Alleged Office Shooting Spree by In-House Counsel; Some Blame Computer Game

Nov 9, 2012, 05:48 pm CST


A truly sad and devastating event. However, it wasn't video games that did the killing, it was an unhinged individual hooked on alcohol who apparently had little to no help for his problems and no job or real life social network to get the help he needed.

Everyone wants to blame guns (which are much more regulated in Russia than the US, btw), video games, rap music, ... That's easy, but the fault lies with a society which is willing to just cast people aside like an unwanted toy and then expect that they will simply disappear. This has happened far too much in the US, now it is in Russia and it will happen elsewhere if we don't change.

By KG on 2012 11 09, 7:36 pm CST

No question that this is the act of a crazy person, but when you put craziness in easy contact with guns the social destruction is greater. You wouldn't make anthrax available in vending machines, who make Kalashnikovs available online? Guns are for people with developmental shortcomings.

By Pushkin on 2012 11 09, 9:25 pm CST

I blame the group Pussy Riot. Just look at the way they have contributed to delinquency in Russia. No wait, they are in prison so that can't be it.

By Fred on 2012 11 10, 3:30 pm CST

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