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Chemerinsky: 2013 May Be Another Blockbuster SCOTUS Year

Jan 2, 2013, 02:45 pm CST


I'm wondering when we'll start having cases in which none of the justices have to be recused.

By Just out of Curiosity on 2013 01 02, 4:03 pm CST

Am interested in the constitutional limitations on tort reforms. It seems that such reforms give unfair advantage to the wealthy over the poor. Does this disparate impact violate equal protection rights? Would like to see Professor Chimerinsky get involved in a case reviewing a state supreme court upholding unfair tort reforms.

By scot dollinger on 2013 01 04, 5:44 pm CST

When will all people be treated equally. When will a hard working, white, married, non-gay, religious, tax paying, educated person get the protection the others get? People scream that they are being discriminated against because they are different. The minority should have equal rights, not superior rights.

By GR8GU3 on 2013 01 04, 7:30 pm CST

Why don't schools start using income as a basis for diversity recruiting? That would surely accomplish a school's goals of diversity without using race as a basis. It would also ensure that minorities who have had all the same advantages as their white peers don't get into a school just because of their race or national heritage.

@3 - I really love it when white men (which I am) go whining about not getting equal access. Who makes up the vast majority of the C-level officers and board members of the Fortune 1000 companies?

By Daniel on 2013 01 04, 7:59 pm CST

#4 And who make up the vast majority of working people and entitlement people?
I am tired of racest like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson screaming race when anything happens involving a white on a minority. Isn't their own ranting racial? I have many very close friends in every minority designation and that is not based on Political Correctness but true non-discrimination of fiiendships.

By GR8GU3 on 2013 01 04, 8:28 pm CST

If the right wing majority on the court decides a portion of the voting rights act is unconstitutional, they cannot very well do it on the basis that circumstances have changed. Rather they will have to decide that Congress cannot tell state entities to enforce voting rights. More likely, the junta that brought us Bush v. Gore and Citizen's United will vote that Congress has no right to protect the right of individuals to vote, leaving intact all state efforts to suppress voting rights, especially those of those pesky Democratic voters.

By Peter L on 2013 01 06, 1:42 am CST

@3 The minority should have equal rights, not superior rights.

Absolutely true. Now please explain why you believe that hard working, white, married, non-gay, religious, tax paying, educated persons are not a minority.

By Johnny Yuma on 2013 01 06, 3:55 am CST

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