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ABA supports law intended to fight gun trafficking

Jan 24, 2013, 03:00 pm CST


As far as the bill, I am not sure I see a problem. The press release explains that it is directed at associates who purchase firearms for disqualified persons. I am OK with that. I think associates should not be allowed to purchase any kind of arms at all. Ever. They have insufficient judgment, and that's why they are still associates.

As far as the ABA taking a position on the bill, Laurel Bellows seems to be under the impression that all ABA members have given her their general proxies to endorse legislation on any and all topics imagineable, whether related or unrelated to the profession. I do not think this is true, and I do not think this bill addresses an issue of central concern to the profession. ABA members have no reason to care if associates can purchase firearms for unqualified persons, so long as associates can continue to practice law for unqualified persons (as has been the law firm norm up to this point).

By B. McLeod on 2013 01 25, 12:32 am CST

If the ABA supports banning straw purchases (which are already illegal), then why aren't they calling for the prosecution of ATF and Justice Department personnel who instructed gun shops to conduct straw purchases for Mexican drug cartels?


So why doesn't the ABA support the enforcement of existing law? Because it's leftist idealogues who are violating the law. The ABA is nothing more than a leftist agitator at this point.

By associate on 2013 01 25, 2:26 pm CST

I agree with #2 -- how about we actually enforce the laws that are already on the books? Seems to make more sense to me.

By Just A Paralegal on 2013 01 25, 3:37 pm CST

Question is how can we know if there was a straw purchase unless you can trace the weapon? A law could require serial numbers to be registered, and could readily impose penalties and liability on anyone who had purchased a weapon used in a crime, and who had not registered a sale or transfer of that weapon or reported it stolen. Annual re-registration should also take care of "lost" weapons.

By emars on 2013 02 01, 5:21 pm CST

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