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ABC Lawyer Points to Unclothed Supreme Court Sculptures During Indecency Arguments

Jan 11, 2012, 08:38 am CDT


It now seems prescient that John Ashcroft wanted to cover up nude statues ( Perhaps he anticipated an argument such as this.

By Will on 2012 01 11, 12:02 pm CDT

Not necessarily a huge fan of Waxman, but I gotta say that was pretty brilliant!

By Lex Luthor on 2012 01 11, 6:59 pm CDT

Pretty cheeky !!

By Come Mr. Taliban, tally me banana on 2012 01 11, 7:16 pm CDT

Day-O, Day-O, gratia.

When I first read the headline, I thought this was about sculptures of the current Justices, and the mere thought brought me near to hysterical blindness.

By B. McLeod on 2012 01 11, 7:23 pm CDT

Any affirm is o.k.

“A 4-4 tie is possible in the case, which would let stand a federal appeals court ruling striking down the FCC regulations, the NLJ says.”

By Docile Jim Brady on 2012 01 11, 7:53 pm CDT

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