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Accused ringleader in scam that bilked $70M from law firms has taken plea

Mar 15, 2013, 04:24 pm CDT


Well, at least that trial should double the economy in Harrisburg, PA

By Squanto on 2013 03 15, 8:20 pm CDT

Our small firm has had numerous of these attempted scams. The alleged businesses were scattered all over the world. A small art gallery in London, an alleged manufacturing firm in Canada, an alleged manufacturing firm in Australia with a phony website that gave us an 800 number but left off the last digit , many many contacts from " Asian " women- Hong Kong primarily that wanted us to recover divorce settlement payments; one of our real favorites- a "law firm " from the Middle East - the Arab Emirates that wanted our small firm in Orange County California to review a contract-- Right! Makes so much sense! We would actually get contracts to review that were so transparently bad - the other "contracting party" was legit which probably is why some lawyers get fooled - We never got to the point where they sent their phony checks because we knew how it was going to work and just cut it off after determining that their websites and contracts were part of their scam- Oh by the way just last week we got another one from a major firm in Sweden that wanted us to review a contract for it- Ha! I am glad one of these scammers got caught but am sure there are more our there. Look if you do get a check from a new client wait and wait some more to see if it clears and really be suspicious before you get clearance from your bank if the new client is demanding that you wire or send money back to it in a short period ot time

By Red on 2013 03 18, 2:49 pm CDT

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