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Ariz. Sheriff Arpaio Re-Elected, Says He Wants to ‘Get Together with the Latino Community’

Nov 8, 2012, 08:00 pm CST


A great American who has been known for his ongoing outreach to the Latino Community.

By Yankee on 2012 11 08, 9:00 pm CST

Yankee @ 1: It's just so touching it could lead one to wonder how much rat poison fits in a taco.

By BMF on 2012 11 08, 11:16 pm CST

Arpaio's a true politician...he blows with the wind.

By Johnny Yuma on 2012 11 08, 11:24 pm CST

I think he forgot to bring his White hood and Robe outfit to the victory party.

Wait a sec, he's saving that for later in the evening when he goes to round up Mexicans.

By O. Rosales on 2012 11 09, 1:53 am CST

How much did he win by? I saw something on Huffington saying they found possibly 400,000 "lost" ballots, and also that the government there published notices as to the date of the election in Spanish that gave the wrong date.

By nidefatt on 2012 11 09, 2:01 am CST

It is a shame that posters at the ABA website would have so little respect to members of law enforcement and the importance of the rule of law. Another sign of cultural decline in this country.

By Yankee on 2012 11 09, 2:37 am CST

It's a shame that there is a poster at the ABA website that excuses racism and bigotry when it is done by a man who calls himself a "law enforcement officer."

By Esq. in Austin on 2012 11 09, 2:16 pm CST

Initial reaction when reading article title:

"IT'S A TRAP!!" He's just trying to get them all in one place...

@1 Yes... outreach... or as most people call it, 'racial profiling and harassment'.

@5 I'm not big on conspiracy theories regarding voting, but yes there were a bunch of irregularities and they called it when there were still about 400,000 ballots to be counted (which isn't a big deal tbh).

@6 Well, we all know how much respect you have for the #1 law enforcement official in the country, so we're just trying to follow your lead.

By Mole Mountain on 2012 11 09, 5:47 pm CST

"I would hope to get together with the Latino community, if I could ever have them talk to me without screaming and threatening me," Arpaio said. "So I hope to get together with the community and try to explain what we do."

Yes, I am sure that he feels the internment camps are excellent places to concentrate the Latino community in order to clarify their rights and how the Sheriff's office can best administer them. Building the camps will provide plenty of work for the Latino community and suitable housing for them afterwards.

By Paul the Magyar on 2012 11 09, 6:26 pm CST

Of course he wants to meet with the Latino community.....backed up by a phalanx of ICE agents and a parade of vans to take the community's members south to the border.

By AndytheLawyer on 2012 11 14, 8:55 pm CST

It would serve him right if, when he passes, his coffin is pink.

By AndytheLawyer on 2012 11 14, 8:57 pm CST

@10 You speculate: "Of course he wants to meet with the Latino community. . . to take the community’s members south to the border."

Just those community members who are in the United States illegally, thus the name 'illegal aliens'

By Yankee on 2012 11 15, 2:37 am CST

#12 -- Actions speak louder than words. More than once Latino US citizens have been wrongly deported.

By AndytheLawyer on 2012 11 15, 4:54 pm CST

Hi Latinos, we should all get together and talk. Yes, right over there, in that large, open air, fenced in area. Meet me there in a few.

By NoleLaw on 2012 11 15, 6:06 pm CST

Kind of like Obama saying he wants to talk with Republicans (or anyone else who disagrees with him.)

By Marc on 2012 11 15, 7:01 pm CST

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