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Around the Blawgosphere: A Law Prof Scamblogger?; Trying Cases and Doing Triathlons

Aug 12, 2011, 02:57 pm CDT


I feel sorry for scamblogger, that he's trapped i a dump. I've read his posts, though, and fear he might belong there. His descriptions of many of the historical developments in legal education (e.g., clinical education), are just factually off the mark (it's clear he wasn't there), and his understanding of several others is embarrassingly superficial. He also could use a copy editor. Anyone psychologically underemployed is a pundit these days. What is the upside of social media, again?

By Pushkin on 2011 08 12, 4:21 pm CDT

It appears that scamblogger's anonymous career will be short lived. If Leiter knows who it is, it's just a matter of time before everyone will.

His "wisdom" isn't faring that much better.

This guy might set the record for fastest blog flame out.

By Pushkin on 2011 08 12, 10:37 pm CDT

The bigger problem with the legal academy is their reliance on degrees and resume items for signaling rather than actually drilling down to the qualities of the scholar, academic, teacher, and colleague in each law professor candidate.

After all, it's a lot easier to say "Well, he went to Harvard and that will look good on our website" than to actually read his academic material or see him teach a class.

Of course, law firms fall victim to this same problem as well. So maybe it is a learned behavior, the only question is which group learned from which.

By John on 2011 08 13, 1:39 am CDT

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