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Around the Blawgosphere: Is BigLaw ‘culture’ worth preserving?; In defense of plastic grocery bags

Jan 25, 2013, 02:30 pm CST


"The profile pictures that accompany most of the people in my address book come, in many cases, from Facebook," Svenson writes. "I can't say for sure where they come from exactly, but I know that the pictures are chosen by the contact person themselves and not by me."

Easy solution: if you have no idea where the pictures come fom then don't use them. Or maybe take the time to understand the workings of yor address book.

By Fred on 2013 01 25, 2:43 pm CST

With how many blogs wrote about the Steve Diamond fiasco, you'd think that would have been mentioned.

By BL1Y on 2013 01 25, 6:19 pm CST

"...two law professors have written a paper asserting that emergency room visits spiked in San Francisco after the ban went into effect in 2007 because many shoppers potentially carry around bacteria in their reusable grocery bags."

Correlation does NOT necessarily imply causation.

By BMF on 2013 01 25, 6:49 pm CST

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