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Attorney Gloria Allred Suits Up for Lawyer in Media Firestorm, Thanks Petraeus Family for Support

Nov 20, 2012, 07:49 pm CST


Has Gloria Allred ever had an affair?

By tim17 on 2012 11 20, 8:16 pm CST

Doesn't "Khawam" mean "bonkers" in Arabic?

By AndytheLawyer on 2012 11 20, 8:25 pm CST

As the late George Steinbrenner, another denizen of scandal-prone Tampa, would have said it, at least Gloria puts fannies in the seats. So to say.

By KG on 2012 11 20, 9:15 pm CST

"Allred also thanked the Petraeus family for its support of Khawam during an earlier custody battle with her ex-husband."

I am sure that David and Holly Petraeus appreciate that very public and heartfelt expression of gratitude from Attorney Allred.

By Yankee on 2012 11 21, 7:58 pm CST

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