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Awaiting Child Porn Hearing in State Court, NH Lawyer Is Arrested by FBI Agents, Held Without Bail

Nov 19, 2012, 08:12 pm CST


Sick stuff. Puts a smile on my face to know she is caught.

By Joshua Neuman on 2012 11 19, 10:39 pm CST

I find it curious that the author of this article felt it was relevant to the story to report the group this lawyer is affiliated with, but didn't even mention the lawfirm she currently works for, hmmmm.

Also, can someone explain why this woman's favorite book is meaningful to the story? If the book were, "My Two Mommies" rather than the Bible, would it have made the story?
I've perused a few other stories on this site about lawyers behaving badly/criminally and haven't found any others where the miscreant's favorite book or law group affiliations were mentioned.

I wonder why that could be?
Martha Neil, care to comment?

By UncleJed on 2012 11 20, 3:09 pm CST


Because it makes for more conflict. Those of us that are intelligent individuals know every religoin and culture have their "bad eggs" yet sometimes people like to exploit that. Personally her love for the new testiment doesn't change my view of anything. Yet I can see how some unintelligent people could see this reason to dislike Christains. If we really wanted to we could see how much Christianity as contributed to society and non-profit organizations that would make one discusting Christian have no significance.

Sadly, news stations and newspapers do this kind of thing all the time to create conflict which makes for more views or readers.

By Joshua Neuman on 2012 11 20, 6:17 pm CST

Let me also add, most people learn to ignore it while others feed off of it, those that read and digest this kind of conflict usually end up as trolls. Also I appoligize about no caps on certain religous words, writing off my iPhone.

By Joshua Neuman on 2012 11 20, 6:23 pm CST


Her association with the ADF is relevant because "In 2003, Sears and ADF Vice President Craig Osten expanded on that theme in [the book] The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom, which ties homosexuality to pedophilia and other "disordered sexual behavior."" (Southern Poverty Law Center) So, if she claims to champion Christian values and fights against pedophilia, then the charges of pedophilia against her speak to her character and her hypocrisy. I agree with, however, that if her favorite book was "My Two Mommies" it would not be relevant, but that's not her favorite book, is it?

By ChrisKG on 2012 11 20, 8:23 pm CST

My guess is that this is some sick way of "straightening" gay youth - by coercing them to have sex with a member of the opposite sex. I guess more info will come out during her trial.

By kentuckywoman2 on 2012 11 21, 8:18 am CST

They would have posted it if my two mommies were her favorite book...and the NT probably isn't because her behavior deviates from any teaches of Jesus and the NT.

But this is why she is dangerous and disturbing: "The Concord Monitor reports that Biron is affiliated with the Alliance Defending Freedom, a self-described "servant ministry building an alliance to keep the door open for the spread of the Gospel by transforming the legal system and advocating for religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family." The group's website has an entire section devoted to its fight against marriage equality and calls a federal judge's decision against California's Prop. 8 "a dangerous decision that could ultimately threaten your religious freedom and the democratic process. Biron also recently served on the board of directors at Manchester's Mount Zion Christian Schools."


Among the allegations:

Two witnesses have testified to seeing Biron in possession of ecstasy, marijuana and cocaine.
Biron sent a threatening text message to the person who turned her in to the police, advising him he would have to watch his back “FOR EVER.”
Biron sent a text to a friend saying she might flee to Cuba because she had “nothing left.”
Biron has asked people to lie to law enforcement about her case.
Other juveniles have been subjected to Biron’s sexual activity and drug use.

These are her affiliates and probably her customers:

You all can't seriously see what is wrong with this woman and are really gonna get caught up in what books she is reading???!!! Come on!

By Mary on 2012 11 21, 7:40 pm CST

Anyone who claims their religious views are more important than human rights, then goes and attempts to force those views upon the public through legal influence has NO RIGHT to call themselves defenders of freedom. This lady has no remorse whatsoever, and show blatant contempt for others' well-being. I wish the absolute worst for this lady and her organization when she gets sentenced.

It's incredibly disheartening and uncomfortable, knowing that there are people like her in positions of power, using this power to perpetuate a hateful, hypocritical agenda, and believing they "know better" than anyone else simply because they have "faith".

By Erik Schorr on 2012 11 21, 8:42 pm CST

@Erik Schorr

Hear, hear!

By ChrisKG on 2012 11 21, 9:02 pm CST

ADF Attorney Caught With Child Porn? Not Really

Point to it as yet another example of an anti-gay, “pro-family” Christian covering up their sexual predation? Absolutely. But the “association” with the ADF is pretty weak here. It appears that she was the local attorney who worked with them on a single case. She didn’t work for them, she was involved in a single case. The ADF works just like the ACLU does in this regard, contracting with a local “cooperating attorney” to handle such cases. If an attorney in Keokuk, Iowa who once worked with the ACLU on a single case was caught doing something terrible, we would find it ridiculous if someone said that proved something bad about the ACLU; the same is true here. Hammer her, but the ADF has no real connection to this.

By C.C. on 2012 11 21, 9:04 pm CST

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